Tips For Hiring An Affordable Cleaning Service

Cleaning is a chore that most people don’t really want to get into.  The thought of getting down on your hands and knees, scrubbing the floors and smelling all of those chemicals isn’t something people want to do.  However, hiring a cleaning company to come in and do these things can be pretty expensive and depending on how often you get them, can really add up quickly. 

For those that are really insistent on hiring someone though, here are a few tips that you can use to hire an affordable commercial cleaning melville ny.  Use these tips as they are or in combination with each other for greatest return.

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Define your tasks clearly

There is nothing worse than going in to a job and not knowing what it is you are going to do or worse yet, being put into a position of being pressured to do a job that you know you aren’t getting paid for just to satisfy a client.  With this in mind, it is vital that you know exactly what it is you are supposed to do and what you are getting paid to do it.

When defining your tasks make sure to put everything in writing.  You want to state what is to be done, what is satisfactory and what isn’t, what products should be used and how long it will take to do each job.  When doing this it might seem excessive but doing so will ensure that you get the best quality at your desired price.

Go under contract

You want to create a contract with the company.  Now, no contract should be created unless you have had a trial period.  In this trial period customers and cleaners can both opt out if the relationship is not to their liking.  When the trial period is over however, all the bugs should be worked out and it should be a harmonious arrangement from there forward.